The Project and the Programs

How the project works?

The Paint the World Project is a culmination of artistic programs designed to inspire the youth to find and implement practical ways to foster healthy peer-to-peer relationships, manage conflict resolution, develop in self awareness, and grow in social responsibility.  Each program is designed to be approximately 10 weeks long and is comprised of a variety of hands on activities for using artistic outlets as tools to create a safe space for open discussions on the topics of the daily challenges of young-adulthood.   Through these discussions, we explore constructive ways of overcoming these challenges using practical principles and techniques.  At the end of each program there is a group project designed as an artistic demonstration of the principles learned within the completed program.

how to join the project?

To enter the program, each applicant is required to apply in person or online.  The age requirement is 12-21 years of age, and applicants are divided into two separate groups based on their age.  Upon entering the program, school aged participants are required to attend school regularly, while non-school age participants are encouraged to find employment or to enter a GED program if a high school diploma has not been acquired.  To assist with this process, PWP partners with our Mainstream Living program affiliates which specializes in education and job placement.  Participants are also required to abide by our strict Code of Conduct, which encourages respect, integrity, and community

Programs include:

·         Creative writing

·         Acting

·         Vocal training

·         Spoken word

·         Music production and instrumentation

·         Creative dance